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    Traditional Utensil of JAPAN

    Japan Ukiyo-e

    NOKANRO culture in ancient Japan

    It is said that the culture of warming Sake bottles in warm water began in Heian Period. Choshi, a kettle-like pourer made of metal was called Kan’nabe, and people placed it directly on fire to heat Sake. Although the exact year is unknown, NOKANRO, the special utensil to heat Sake was invented sometime between Heian Period and Edo period. It was, in those times, called Kandohko or Nofuuro. In 1613, a Samurai called Tsunenaga Hasekura was dispatched to Europe as the ambassador of the Samurai leader Masamune Date. The picture which was illustrated at that time shows that he presented NOKANRO when he granted an audience with the Roman Pope Paul Ⅴ. It is estimated that from Tenpo years in the late Edo period, NOKANRO (Kandohko) began to spread widely among commoners. It appears in many Ukiyo-e which illustrate the scenes of cherry blossom viewings and outings.

    Edo tool

    Bringing back the culture of NOKANRO once again

    In Edo period, safer and more convenient electric heaters were invented and NOKANRO began to disappear from Japanese people’s daily lives, even its name long forgotten. What we aim to do is to bring back NOKANRO to our lives and spread its culture widely across Japan and to the world.


    Moment of Pleasure

    Available in BBQ


    You can make Yakitori
    by putting skewered chicken over the fire.

    Tool of Japan hiking


    Place a net over the furnace

    and you can grill your relish. 

    Popular tool of Japan

    Stir fry

    You can stir fry meat and vegetable

    by placing a frying pan on the top.

    One of the tools in the world


    Enjoy hot pot and stew in cold seasons.

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    And more…

    You can also cook rice, soup, and a lot more.

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    Heat Sake

    And of course, make hot Sake!


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    Respect for the ancestors

    made in Japan

    Each piece is carefully handmade.

    NOKANRO is made one by one, carefully by the hands of skilled craftsmen

    Japan artisans

    The pride of Japanese Monozukuri (making things)

    spirit in every piece.

    Every single piece of NOKANRO is made with the pride of the craftsmen.

    Polish the stainless

    Traditional Waza (techniques) in every piece.

    The structure of NOKANRO is so complex that it cannot be made in a production line. Only the skilled craftsmen who have the traditional Waza (techniques) are able to make it.

    It is a one and only product in the world.

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  • Our philosophy

    Moment of pleasure beyond time


    The culture of Japan which has been cultivated and passed down since the founding of the country. And there are words that are joined together with it like yarn and are inseparable from it. One of them is the word “Shifuku” which can be translated as “bliss” or “pleasure”. Only the word can make us feel happy. When we look at the lives of our ancestors, we realize how much they enjoyed their lives even though there were obviously less entertainment in the world. NOKANRO is one of the traditional, carefully made tools that made these moments of pleasure possible. What we aim is to bring back NOKANRO to our lives and spread its culture widely across Japan and to the world.


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